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Pandora’s Box

I had made the final changes to the novel, still not perfect, but probably as good as it will ever be and was planning to look through it one more time and push the publish button today, when lo and behold, the buzzer doesn’t ring, and I find myself signing for my new computer or rather the three-month-old computer, which is now in possession of a new hard drive whose life I hope is longer than one of those nuclear materials that unfortunately haunt rather than illuminate desert areas.  At the time, I had to make a decision – carry on using the old computer, or open the box, and see what in the world I was in possession of.


It’s not the end of the world when your computer crashes, but it is a tad bid inconvenient when you’re about ready to publish a book and all your latest revisions are on it.

I’m using my old computer at present and am beginning to piece together the revisions that were made with the use of a printout I have of the novel and an older copy saved to a memory stick. Will my three-month-old computer ever start up again? Will the novel be out on November 29? Unfortunately, these are questions of which I have no answer.

I expect to be very scarce until I can get things in order.

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