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Skipped Stones

Study of Water Plants in May

Skipped Stones
sprout up
out of nowhere,
and are
the smoke of which
comes from
the parted lips
that warn
of the dangers
of relying on
and tell you
there are not
in fact
where your stone
might have stopped
as it skipped
across the waters.

Poem by Tom Simard
Sketch by John Spiers

To find out more about John’s other creative work, please visit  1 Graphic 50 Words.

Book 14

“The sea grew dark beneath it, and Zeus thundered
And struck the ship with a lightning bolt.
She shivered from stem to stern and was filled
With sulfurous smoke. The men went overboard,
Bobbing in the waves like sea crows
Around the black ship, their day of return
Snuffed out by the god.”

Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Please don’t say I didn’t try. I really did. But the only thing I ever got was a headache, which is just as well as it saved me from becoming addicted to a substance that is at least said to be harder to kick than heroin. Although I’m not a fan of tobacco or tobacco companies, which have a sorry history of lying about their product, and as a non-smoker the last thing I want is my lungs to be filled with something that causes cancer (though let’s face it Joe Jackson was on to something), it’s still hard to see the photo below and not think it reeks of  the isolation connected both to contagious diseases and unruly prisoners:

800px-Airport_Munich_innen_2009_PD_20090404_026(Photographer: Politikaner)

I wasn’t aware until very recently that there were employees who were actually being tested for nicotine or that people were being turned down for employment because they smoked. Which of course raises the question, Whose Life Is It Anyway?

For those who have never heard it, why not have a listen to Sixteen Tons:

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