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I like playing golf. However, I will admit not having for quite a while. This is largely due to the fact that where I was living there were only private courses for the rich. I’d love to start up again. It’s reasonably inexpensive, good exercise, and relaxing.

Some of my fondest memories of childhood are waking up on the weekend and going out to the Par 3 golf course with my dad. We’d get up at the break of dawn, and I can still see the glistening dew come up from the green as I putted. In one of my few times at a private club an employee came up to inquire what I was doing there. I must have seemed out of place to him.

I also enjoy watching golf on TV. That is not to say there isn’t a lot that has to be ignored. There’s a lot of sanctimoniousness (is any announcer as bad as Jim Nantz?) and way too much analysis. Commercials, which should always be ignored*, advertise BMW, Wells Fargo, and Rolex (not Folex).

*There are exceptions:

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2 thoughts on “Golf

  1. Dew “rooster tails” from a putted ball on an early morning green. Haven’t though about that image in years. On weekday mornings, before 8am, a 9 hole round on the public par three biking distance from my house was 35 cents. It’s now $11 a round.

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  2. “Rooster tails” – wonderful.

    Thirty-five cents! Can’t even make a phone call from a pay phone for that, provided, that is, you’re able to actually find one.

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