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Worth a Listen

Yes, I’m for gun control and do think gun advocates misinterpret the 2nd Amendment and are in the pockets (should I say holsters?) of the NRA.  However, more than anything else I would like to lessen the seemingly routine occurrences of these bloody spectacles.

These young people have a difficult road ahead, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try to change things.  Haven’t Mothers Against Drunk Driving made a difference?

Good luck to them.

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4 thoughts on “Worth a Listen

  1. The problem really is the concept of an unchanging constitution. We don’t have one in the UK. Why should people be forced to follow the laws of people who died 200-odd years ago?


    • No reason not to, but that’s sacrilegious in these parts. Hate to think how few would be in favor.

      The best bet is in making it harder to obtain these weapons of choice. It boggles the mind how easy these weapons are to obtain.

      The NRA also needs to be taken down a few notches and that ain’t going to be easy. But unlike their apparent Wild West shootout, it’s something worth fighting for.


      • I’m impressed by the new focus on these senators who receive huge payouts frim the NRA. They should be shamed into leaving office for those who are fit to govern.


      • I think it’s the way to go.

        Republicans have shown with Trump their true colors (not that Democrats are all that different) – the only thing they believe in is power. I look forward to the day when they can stand up self-righteously and denounce the NRA as it’s in their political interests to do so.

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